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Garmin unveil their new computers for 2013 and showcase the new tracking feature.

The video makes good use of the pro team and its riders including a glimpse of Jonathan Vaughter’s team control HQ.

But the tracking feature? It could be great - and even essential for likes of Alex Rasmussen or Yoann Offredo - but it promises to frustrate many who find themselves stuck indoors. Because the only thing worse than missing a ride is knowing that someone else is out there riding whilst you’re not.

Very cool.

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  4. realvelo said: Jury out on born again JV. big glasses big ego & big cheat
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    Very cool.
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    Y’all know why I’m stoked on the Garmin Edge 510?! Cuz this means that the Garmin Edge 500 will be cheaper now.
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    I bet fucking Vaughters has a creepy Professor X tracking room for his charges. The best part of any of these new Garmin...
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